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Understanding Cultural Conflict Styles At Work

Understanding Cultural Conflict Styles At Work

Today’s workplace is increasingly diverse. In a multicultural context, you may experience confusion or or hurt feelings when experiencing words or behaviours that seem different from your own. There are some key differences between culture, personality and performance issues at work. It helps to avoid misunderstanding when you can read and respond appropriately to each.

Being Heard And Acknowledged Even If You Are Shy

Negotiating Your Value And Importance – Even If You’re Shy!

It is no secret that many workplaces make it difficult to speak up or to show your worth. Decision-makers have biases that interfere with seeing their employees for who they really are. Does that mean you should keep your head down and secretly hope to get noticed? Absolutely not! Learn to focus on strategies that gets you noticed and have your voice heard in a way that will advance rather than disadvantage your career growth.