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C-Suite Leaders! If you...

  • Are frustrated with misalignment between C-Suite mission, vision and execution
  • Sense inner and outer resistance but need more effective ways to address it
  • Need to get your team moving forward with unity of thought

Consider enrolling your C-Suite in a 12-month Wise Leadership Development Program.

C-Suite Development

For group of 4 participants
$1,500 for each additional participant

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  • 🏆 Individual coaching
  • 🏆 Team strategizing
  • 🏆 Monthly learning sessions

How You Will Benefit:

  • Get your team aligned and working together
  • Build C-Suite level communication, change management, decision-making and employee development skills
  • Test initiatives with comprehensive people-science informed systems

Results You Will See:

  • Measurable, visible results
  • Decreased stress, Increased happy productivity
  • Engaged and solution-oriented teamwork

Program Components

Differentiate To Unite : 2-Day Retreat

Day 1: Authenticity: Self and other awareness

Day 2: Communication, persuasion, and influence skills for varied audiences

Make WISE Decisions : WISE Competencies Monthly Sessions

Four cross-cutting themes, three monthly 90-minute sessions per theme X 12 months

WISE Leadership Competencies:

Theme 1: Willingness and ability to learn and manage change

Theme 2: Interest in listening to and including others

Theme 3: Strength to decide and carry through

Theme 4: Effective delegation and employee development

Align Personal and Professional Efficacy : Individual Coaching

Six individual coaching sessions for each C-Suite leader oriented towards achieving a personal and professional goal. Coaching helps C-Suite leaders define their own journey while contributing to the team effectively during collective sessions and beyond.

What Clients Say About the Program:

Louis Woods

Plant Manager, Magotteaux

“We hired Marie Gervais, at Shift Management, to create a training to address shift changeover communication and scrap issues. Participating managers learned ways to calm themselves down before communicating with employees, and how to inspire and acknowledge employees for improved team morale.

During training, they created a solution to the shift changeover / scrap concerns for one specific production issue. Immediately after training, they set up and applied their idea. We now have zero issues with that problem. In my mind, the training did what it promised.

Managers know how to take initiative to solve production problems. I’m happy with the outcome.”