2022 Events

We host workshops, masterclasses, webinars, interviews, and tutorials.

Our topics revolve around these major themes:

  • Leadership development

  • Productivity

  • Stress management

  • Self development

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Bootcamps & Workshops

Effective Management In A Changing World

October 20-21, 9am – 3pm

November 3-4, 9am – 3pm

Managerial Leadership 2-Day Bootcamp

Effective management in a changing world 2 day training bootcamp

10 professional credit hours, virtual workshop, offered in October AND November

This training’s innovative approach to effective management works with the realities of our uncertain and changing world. As environmental changes, pandemics and political volatility continue to increase the stress-loads in our daily personal and professional lives, managers need new ways to manage people and work.

Build manager resiliency and skill in this 2-day Manager Bootcamp framework to access and build your leadership powers. Understand management more holistically – and have the capacity to respond to new realities with confidence.

Themes are:

  1. The power of one – self-awareness and self-regulation in stressful work environments
  2. The power of two – skills of effective workplace communication between two or more people
  3. The power of team – balancing encouragement and challenge, individual and team goals
  4. The power of systems – knowing how your team fits into the greater organization and identifying hidden social, political and cultural systems affecting everyone
Webinar Masterclasses

Why People Don’t Follow Procedures And What To Do About It

October 12, 2022, 12:00 p.m. MT

Get Everyone Working

If you have been frustrated with colleagues, team members or managers who don’t follow procedures or instructions this webinar is going to give you some relief!

On October 12th, 2022, from noon-1 pm workplace expert Dr. Marie Gervais will guide you through three possibilities for why people don’t follow procedures – you, the system and them and provide remedies for each.

In this session you will discover:

1. Personal blind spots that may be having people do the opposite of what you say
2. Holes in the system that sabotage even the best of intentions
3. Typical employee avoidance behaviours and why they occur

For each topic, you will come away with a strategy to address the issue and one practical insight you can use to get everyone working from the same playbook.

This webinar is a taste of what is to come inside our upcoming leadership boot camp trainings in October and November, so stay tuned!

2 Must-Have Manager Tools

September 22, 2022, 9:00 a.m. MT

Practical Tools To Effectively

Manage Your Team

You already know management is an art and a science, but practically, how do you develop the skills?

On September 22nd, at 9 am MT (11 ET) Marie Gervais, workplace and management expert, will introduce two practical tools to help you manage your team with effectiveness and skill.

You will learn:
– Specific one-to-one meeting steps that are compelling and engaging for team members
– Three types of power stories to inspire and motivate even in difficult contexts

Both these tools are stand-alone people management techniques, but together offer you a connective way to positively influence team morale and productivity.

If you are looking for do-able ways to move from the fear-based model of management into the human-capacity building model, this masterclass can start you on your journey!

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