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The High Price of Excellence: Is Jealousy Threatening Your Career?

June 1, 2023, 12:00 p.m. MT

Successfully Navigate Through The Workplace Jungle

Have you ever heard of the “Peter Principle”? Or the “mediocrity principle”?

PP: Workplaces will promote employees to roles for which they are unqualified and/or untrained, resulting in increasing incompetence and mediocrity

MP: Workplaces strive to maintain a status quo level of mediocrity. Anyone who rises to excellence will be punished for upsetting the status quo

I have seen this punishment of excellence and subsequent layoffs of the most competent employees happen over and over in stories from my coaching and training clients.

You can’t deal with it by putting your nose to your work and hoping it will go away. What CAN you do?

In our final webinar of the year on June 1st at 12 noon MDT, I will:

1. Explain this damaging dynamic in detail and show how it plays out particularly for marginalized employees
2. Detail indicators that show this destructive pattern in advance and how to prevent being a target
3. Illustrate how to show excellence in a way that doesn’t evoke fear and trepidation in less competent colleagues and bosses

For only $29 you can join this webinar and get the most savvy career saving tips you have ever imagined.

Join me on June 1st as we learn to mitigate career jealousy and keep your sense of excellence and integrity at the same time!

Communication, Culture, and Workplace Results – Connecting The Dots

June 15, 2023, 9:00 a.m. MT

Differentiate Culture, Personality, Wellness, and Performance

If you attended our recent webinar about cultural conflict styles you probably now want to know how to prevent conflict, cultural or otherwise! It all starts with knowing a few things about intercultural communication.

This workshop will provide participants with a basic introduction to culture and how it plays out in multiple ways in the workplace ranging from:
-expectations for boss and employee behaviours to
-expressing opinions during meetings to
-ideas about formality and informality

My curious and respectful questioning techniques will show how to get past cultural confusion to achieve better results with less stress.

By analyzing workplace cultural incidents, participants will learn to differentiate between culture, personality, wellness and performance.

Join this practical and hands on workshop to get answers and tips for promoting good communication in an intercultural work setting.

Only $97 for the full workshop, including handouts.

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