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    Shift Management

    18945-111 Avenue NW
    Edmonton, Alberta, T5S 2X4

    Phone: 780-993-1062

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    Why our clients love working with Shift

    "Shift has an incredible ability to assess training requirements and are by far, the most exceptional training consultants that I have contracted during my tenure with Alberta Agriculture. They were able to deliver training that resulted in improved productivity in every food processing plant where they provided services. Team building, conflict resolution cultural competency – they are experts in all aspects of these critically important facets of productivity."

    Karen Gingras, The Management Mentor

    Marie Gervais and Shift Workplace led a one year project for our Alberta Global Talent Program at Central Alberta Refugee Effort and we couldn't be happier with the results. Marie is so knowledgable in her field and was a joy to work with. I always highly recommend others to contact Shift first any intercultural projects they are working on.

    thumb Brian Ennis

    I had always envisioned what a leader or manager should look like--and I knew I wasn't it. I took this course hoping that somehow I would become one, but that I would have to drastically change in order to do so. Throughout this course, I found that I AM a leader; I CAN lead and manage and it doesn't require me to change my personality to fit this perceived mold. I honed what skills I had, became more in tuned to my defaults and my strengths and recognized I can be a leader in my own right without becoming someone else. I became comfortable in my own skin and this course raised the confidence in being able to execute those skills in an assertive way.

    thumb Heather Perry

    My experience was absolutely amazing! My vision for my business has completely shifted for the better. Marie not only helped me to change and improve my mindset but to analyse before I make decisions for my business in a completely different level. Absolutely recommend!!

    thumb Ariana Villarreal (BoomBalloon)