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    Shift Management

    18945-111 Avenue NW
    Edmonton, Alberta, T5S 2X4

    Phone: 780-993-1062

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    Why our clients love working with Shift

    "Shift has an incredible ability to assess training requirements and are by far, the most exceptional training consultants that I have contracted during my tenure with Alberta Agriculture. They were able to deliver training that resulted in improved productivity in every food processing plant where they provided services. Team building, conflict resolution cultural competency – they are experts in all aspects of these critically important facets of productivity."

    Karen Gingras, The Management Mentor

    I had a great experience with Shift Management services over the past two years. We've had them facilitate employment workshops for clients, had our staff and clients take the online work and culture course and used their videos for employment counselling. The videos are a great way to learn about how to land your dream job as well keep it! Very helpful visuals that demonstrates different scenarios. Marie and her team are very resourceful and knowledgeable. Thanks Marie for the great job!These employment resources and tools have been very helpful in our employment supports program at our agency. Excellent employment resources and tools for everyone, please check it out.

    Suzana Dumo Avatar Suzana Dumo

    Coaching with Marie has guided me through some of the most difficult times of my career and personal life. Her approach is multi-faceted and equips people with invaluable tools to be used no matter the situation. She has the insight to get to the heart of the matter and the strength to help you get to where you need to be as a leader and source of inspiration to your team. Thank you Marie!

    Sarah Ouwendyk Avatar Sarah Ouwendyk

    By getting coaching with Marie I had access to look at my skills as an important contribution being a newcomer, as a result of Marie’s coaching, I’ve been working in my field, I opened my own business before I was expecting to do it and Marie constantly gave me advice, and valuable insights. With time I increased my self-confidence, and my integration into the Canadian workplace was an immaculate transition. As a new comer and business owner having a coach is the best investment.

    nuria sefchovich Avatar nuria sefchovich