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    Shift Management

    18945-111 Avenue NW
    Edmonton, Alberta, T5S 2X4

    Phone: 780-993-1062

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    Why our clients love working with Shift

    "Shift has an incredible ability to assess training requirements and are by far, the most exceptional training consultants that I have contracted during my tenure with Alberta Agriculture. They were able to deliver training that resulted in improved productivity in every food processing plant where they provided services. Team building, conflict resolution cultural competency – they are experts in all aspects of these critically important facets of productivity."

    Karen Gingras, The Management Mentor

    My experience was absolutely amazing! My vision for my business has completely shifted for the better. Marie not only helped me to change and improve my mindset but to analyse before I make decisions for my business in a completely different level. Absolutely recommend!!

    Ariana Villarreal (BoomBalloon) Avatar Ariana Villarreal (BoomBalloon)

    I started working with Marie in April 2020. I was skeptical at first that working with a business coach would have any benefit during Covid. Within a few weeks, I noticed a shift of attitude within myself, and shortly afterwards I noticed a shift in my business. I was getting more inquiries and some of the inquiries translated into business opportunities. I am grateful to Marie for what she helped us accomplish in such a short period of time. I plan on working with her for months to come.

    Elisabeth Scholtz Avatar Elisabeth Scholtz

    Always great advice and ideas. Marie is fun to work with and learn from. She is a professional and an expert. I love listening to her masterclasses.

    Scott Rypstra Avatar Scott Rypstra