Managerial Leadership Training For New Managers- Enhance Proficiency

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Do You Have The SKILLS You Need To LEAD?

To be an effective manager...

You need to transition from being good at your job
to resourcing your team to be good at their jobs.

Imagine all potential you could unlock by learning to...

Leadership Training for New Managers

  • Understand yourself as a leader
  • Develop systems to save time, energy, and money
  • Build your team to their full potential

What has changed for supervisors and managers?

  • MANAGE for order and consistency (not changed)
  • LEAD for change and movement (increased)
  • RESPOND to others’ emotions and your own (new)
  • ADAPT with global issue stress (new)
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  • 🏆  Four Management Themes
    • Core Elements of Supervision
    • Leadership To Motivate And Build Capacity
    • Communication And Team Building
    • Conflict Resolution
  • 🏆 LIVE Online Sessions
    • 2 Pre-Course Inventories
    • Individual Debrief Sessions
    • 4 Live Web Instruction and Skill Practice Sessions
    • 1 Live Web Session for Program Overview
  • 🏆 Managerial Leadership Certificate
  • ***Approved for Canada Alberta Job Grant applications

What you learn in your
Managerial Leadership Course

managerial leadership training

  • Self-Awareness
  • Intention
  • Empathy

leadership training for new managers

  • Prioritizing
  • Goal/outcome focus
  • Systematic reflection

leadership management training

Team Building
  • Understanding personality
  • Communication skill
  • Conflict resolution

Who I am and why did I create this leadership
training for new managers?

My name is Marie Gervais

and I’m the CEO of Shift Management Inc.

I am a Learning and Development professional with a PhD in culture and learning in the workplace. My own management experience has been with multicultural teams with up to 8 projects at a time, supervising between 5 and 35 team members per project, responsible for million dollar budgets, and for keeping multiple stakeholders happy.

Since that position a number of years ago, I have helped hundreds of managers with leadership management training in industries like manufacturing, oil and gas, robotics, engineering, power, social work and not for profit sectors move from poor people management to confident and skilled leadership.

It has always bothered me how unhappy many people are at work!

So few people at the front or middle management level actually get the tools, resources, and training they need to lead real human beings. They just don’t have the understanding or strategies to work effectively with people!

How can you resource your team to do their job if you yourself don’t have the necessary skills to get them there?

That’s where our Managerial leadership training course comes in. It is research-based and uses real industry examples as the foundation for the content.

Help your managers bring their hidden management talent to life by learning to resource their teams to do their jobs.

Book a call to talk about your workplace managerial leadership training for new managers needs today!

What Participants Say...

Managerial Leadership Training
Course Details

  • 12 week online program
  • 2 pre-course inventories and individual debrief session
  • 1 live launch web session to go over the program
  • 4 themes: Managerial Basics/Leadership & Management/Team Building & Communication/Conflict Management
  • Online content available 24/7
  • 4 live web instruction and skill practice sessions
  • 4 workplace goals of your own choosing
  • Ongoing instructor support
  • Certificate in Managerial Leadership upon completion of course requirements

How does it work?

How do I get my Managerial Leadership Certificate?

  • 1.Complete the inventories and attend your debrief web session
  • 2.Attend all live sessions (if you miss one, watch the recording)
  • 3.Complete all online content exercises
  • 4.Create and implement one goal per session

Leadership Management Training- Pre-Course (2 weeks)

  • 1.Sign up for the course and send payment
  • 2.Get welcome email with inventory login details
  • 3.Complete online leadership inventories
  • 4.Choose calendar date for your individual debrief session so you understand your unique style
  • 5.Receive invitation for launch meeting and course schedule
  • 6.Attend launch meeting and meet your course colleagues

How long is the Managerial Leadership Training program?

  • 23 hours total time over 12 weeks
  • 5.75 instructional hours per theme

Managerial Leadership Training Course (12 Weeks)

  • 1.Complete online course work for all four sessions
  • 2.Attend your live web instruction and skills practice sessions
  • 3.Choose your goal, get feedback and start practicing it (5-15 minutes a day for 5 days for each of the four themes)
  • 5.If you need it, take advantage of the two weeks of catch up time in the middle and end of the course
  • 6.Upon completion of all requirement, receive your certificate!

What’s Included in the Leadership Management Training?

– Four Management Themes plus BONUS Video Series –

Theme 1: Core Elements of Supervision

  • Understand the core elements of supervision for the 21st Century: people, technical and administration
  • Supervisor fundamentals: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly
  • Time management
  • Set your line of authority
  • Understand responsibility, accountability and authority as a supervisor

Outcomes: Set goals for improved people, technical and administrative skill development. Focus and manage tasks and responsibilities more accurately. Create your own Time Management SMART goal. Apply principles of setting authority. Improve team accountability by ensuring responsibility, necessary resources and authority are in place.

Theme 2: Leadership to Motivate and Build Capacity

  • Developing a leadership mindset, attitude and skill set
  • Management and leadership, what’s the difference?
  • Your jobs: 1. Develop yourself 2. Create a productive work environment 3. Develop your people. Apply the can, can’t, won’t principle to guide your team member task performance.
  • Coaching your team members for performance: understand when and how to use on- the -job training, encouragement, motivation, alignment or re-alignment

Outcomes: Practice the mind, heart and skill sets of leadership excellence. Know the difference between leadership and management. Take steps towards building your own capacity, improving the workplace environment and developing your people through coaching and team development strategies. Apply the coaching your team members for performance diagnosis and remedy model to specific performance issues. Create your own Leadership SMART goal.

Theme 3: Communication and Team Building

  • What is communication and how does it affect productivity?
  • Listening in a noisy, stressful environment
  • Styles of communication and how to adjust for the best results
  • Communication and culture & working with English language proficiency differences at work – direct and indirect communication
  • The stages of team development

Outcomes: Understand what communication at work looks, sounds and feels like. Develop listening skills for when you are hurried, stressed and in a noisy place. Recognize differences in communication styles and know how to adjust for better results. Identify when culture or English language proficiency is a communication barrier and know what steps to take to remove some of the barriers. Understand the stages of team development and how to nurture a team to the next level of excellence. Create your own Communication and

Team Building SMART goal.

Theme 4: Conflict Resolution

  • Recognizing your conflict style
  • Creating a climate for preventing and avoiding unnecessary conflict
  • Using the Bowman, 5 Whys, D.I.E. and Common Interest models of conflict resolution for recurring conflicts
  • Dealing effectively with employee problems
  • Dealing with team conflict issues, typical team dysfunctions
  • Understanding and dealing with workplace harassment and bullying

Outcomes: Recognize how your own conflict style affects the outcomes of conflict. Learn employee problem strategies and practice applying them to case studies and in role plays. Recognize the dysfunctions of a team and name the steps for how to get the team functioning more smoothly. Apply one of the four methods of conflict resolution to a current situation. Understand how to create an inclusive workplace and deal effectively with workplace bullying and harassment. Create your own Conflict Management SMART goal.

Access the leadership training for new managers course now and you’ll also get a BONUS Leadership Videos Series (some of the worst manager behaviour you will ever see and how to start fixing it!)

Managerial Leadership Training is for you if:

  • You can find a quiet space for an hour a week to devote to your course requirements
  • You want to build solid leadership foundation for your career
  • You want to find your own leadership style and blend between authority and support
  • You need insights for how to work more effectively with your team(s)
  • You have access to a laptop with camera and mic or phone/tablet
  • Workplace communication is something you are focused on improving
  • You are interested in preventing team conflict and solving issues with less stress
  • Your management supports you taking the course

Answering your Manager's questions about the leadership management training course

I'm already so busy. How will I find time?

For most supervisors, the hardest part of the managerial leadership training course is learning to schedule their time and to give themselves permission to do the course – at work. Their bosses give them the time and their team members respect the close door while they work on the course, but they themselves don’t believe they can take the time. Fortunately this is all addressed as part of the course. You learn to schedule and stick to your decision as part of the course content and coaching sessions.

My life exhausts me, how will I get the energy for this course?

Although I can’t answer this question completely, I do know that as you learn to chunk, schedule and take control of the areas of your supervisor position that you have not yet been using, you will find you have a lot more energy. You will also learn to start paying attention to your own self-care requirements. And it is energizing to be part of the group sessions. People often say they are inspired by the group.

How will I stay motivated and encouraged?

You receive regular updates, feedback and reminders throughout the course via email. And if you are feeling a lag or drop in the course, remember that you can access your instructor/coach and get some tips!

How hard is this course?

It is easy enough for people who are new to the concepts to absorb and apply and challenging enough for people who are more advanced to take the concepts to he next level.

I never liked school, so I'm worried I will feel the same way about this course...

This is not school. It is about you finding your manager groove, unlocking the keys to your potential and choosing work goals that make your job more enjoyable and your leadership more effective.

What if I need my employer to pay for the course?

Two options:

a. Pay for it now and submit for reimbursement later

b. Send this link to your employer and request payment.

Most employers have between $1,200-$3,000 allocated for professional development and training per employee at the management levels.

What if I have problems logging on or other tech issues?

We have a help desk, where you can submit a ticket, and an instructor you can access via email or phone.

What if English is not my first language, will that affect my ability to do the course?

This course is in plain English at about a Canadian Benchmark Level 5-7 which is the basic English level required by most employers. If you are already employed, you likely have the necessary English skills. If you aren’t sure, take one of the online English assessments to find out what your reading, writing, listening and speaking levels are.

Who do I contact about leadership management training questions?

Marie Gervais or your instructor/coach.

Who sees the inventories and goals I set?

If you are an individual, only you and your instructor/coach see the inventories and goals. If you are part of a group from your company, the employer receives a copy of all goals and inventories at the end of the course.

What if I don't finish the leadership management training?

We do everything we can to help you be successful in this course and stay in touch with you regularly so you can discuss any obstacles. If you had a serious illness or death in the family, you can come back into the course at a later date and attend the live sessions with a different group. But if you don’t finish the leadership management training course, you cannot receive the certificate.

If I am sick or on holidays during the leadership training for new managers course, how will that work?

Usually you can arrange the course schedule on your own time should that happen. If you miss one live session, you can watch the recording for a limited period of time. If you miss more than one live session or any of the rest of the course requirements, you cannot receive your certificate.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds for courses following payment. Courses can be kept in your profile as a credit to complete at a later date for up to two years after payment.


We guarantee our managerial leadership training course results 100% when course content is completed, all application exercises and goals have been applied, and students have actively participated in live sessions. Shift Management courses are structured to improve your management/leadership skills – subject to course completion and application of concepts to your workplace. A student’s lack of effort or random completion of course requirements are not the fault of the course or the instructor. If however a student completes all course requirements and does not see any results, it is possible to access a credit to an equivalent Shift Management course/coaching package or a comparable course with one of our affiliate partners. Contact for details.