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Leadership Coaching Packages That Lead to Sustainable Growth

People lose 75% of new information in just six days. Shift Management coaches provide personalized support
and accountability that drive permanent change in behaviour and skills development.

Signs of Workplace Distress
leadership coaching packages
Feeling unacknowledged?
leadership coaching
Lack of confidence?
leadership coaching programs
Stuck at work?
best leadership coaching packages
Lost in your career?

Hello! My Name is Marie Gervais.

As a Conscious EFT Practitioner™ and Emotional Success Coach™, I specialize in:
  • Helping frustrated professionals overcome workplace and career distress
  • Recover from the effects of toxic work environments
  • Transition into new career directions.

Rediscover your true “work self” and build a career you deserve!

3 Components of My
Leadership Coaching Model

Leadership Coaching for leaders at all levels

Advance your career and unlock your true potential using our leadership training, and much more

Through leadership coaching you can achieve the personal and professional success you long to experience, see and feel! As you feel solid inside your own sense of goodness and competence, you become an attractive force. The change in you opens opportunities for good jobs, better compensation, and healthier workplace behaviors.

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Visible benefits from leadership coaching:
  • Surprising new work opportunities
  • Increased confidence and control
  • Clarity, calm, and focus
  • New abilities to set healthy boundaries
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  • 🏆  START – $157
    • One hour session: brings clarity and action for a specific problem
  • 🏆 SOLVE – $797
    • 3 one-hour sessions to set up and execute on a project
  • 🏆 RELEASE – $1500
    • 6 one-hour sessions to link emotion, strategy, and habit in business and personal life
  • 🏆 TRANSFORM – $2997
    • 12 one-hour sessions for in-depth personal and career development
What clients have said…
Here’s what past clients had to say about how coaching with me transformed
their career and leadership capability:

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Try Out Plan

  • One-hour session
  • Bring clarity and action for a specific problem

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Start Up Plan

  • 3 one-hour sessions
  • Set up and execute on a project

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Builder Plan

  • 6 one-hour sessions
  • Link emotion, strategy, and habit in business and personal life

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High Gear Plan

  • 12 one-hour sessions
  • In-depth personal and career development

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