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Managerial Leadership Training and Assessments

As a seasoned Human Resource Professional, Leah Mawer was used to hiring externally for staff training and development. When she took on new positions and new industries, her go-to external leadership training specialist was Shift Management. Below are two of the companies Leah Mawer trusted us with for Supervisor and Manager leadership capacity building. Training participants developed awareness of their own leadership strengths through initial assessments and debriefs. Following training, the leadership tools learned and practiced, increased their comfort with management best practices and goal setting for change management. Results showed incremental sustained improvements to managerial behaviours, ultimately improving production, reducing complaints to HR,and improving business results.

Agropur Dairy Cooperative

  • Increased accountability and responsibility particularly around plant safety
  • Improved ability to lead teams effectively lowering incidents and improving productivity
  • Growing confidence in their ability to manage conflict helped prevent unnecessary conflicts and deal effectively with existing conflicts.

Railserve Canada

  • Leadership training for supervisors and managers created a foundation for an integrated approach, vocabulary, and tools across teams, building a sense of solidarity, unity and company pride.
  • Increased managerial self-awareness and listening skills lowered stress and showed more consistent performance results.
  • More collaboration between managers across departments and sites increased the ability for and speed of problem-solving.
  • Improved skill to deal with emotions allowed managers to handle Covid related employee volatility with calmness and confidence and keep trains running under high stress.

Managerial Leadership Development

Human Resources Manager Wendy Reynolds, trusted Shift Management with multiplant leadership development initiatives in the Beef Industry in Alberta over three years. Several years later she engaged our services to work with developing leadership capacity for disability care mangers in British Columbia. Although challenges and job descriptions in each industry were different, leadership development requirements were similar. Both sets of managers worked to structure their interventions with staff so they were productive, could satisfy stakeholder demands, maintain professional boundaries, and learn to lead accountably with a blend of authority and approachability.

XL Foods

  • Assisted certain managers to replace their authoritarian approach with humane and appropriate performance management practices.
  • Developed managerial ability to articulate expectations and give timely instructions, reducing unnecessary mistakes.
  • Improved ability to give timely positive and corrective feedback, increasing engagement and collaboration among team members
  • Generally improved morale and sense of psychological safety resulting in less rework and better production outcomes.

Inclusion Powell River

  • Increased managerial skill to give appropriate instructions, actively deal with performance issues, and use self-regulation techniques to stay calm with clients in volatile, complex situations and to decompress afterwards.
  • Helped managers work more systematically to resolve interpersonal problems with staff.
  • Tracking and monitoring of course completion enabled managers to develop responsibility around professional development goals and to reflect on outcomes.