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Wish you were more productive but don't need more stress in your day?

Wish you had some tools to:

  • Get organized?
  • Get focused?
  • Get systematic?

Our done-for-you productivity templates help build work and life effectiveness so you can prioritize and get things done as you leave the stress of endless to-do lists and dropped details behind.

Fillable, printable, beautiful and inspiring, these templates will help you and your team understand the people systems behind productivity and use them for the benefit of all.

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  • 🏆  Get Systematic Series
    • 12 Get Systematic tools
  • 🏆  Get Focused Series
    • 12 Get Focused tools
  • 🏆  Get Organized Series
    • 10 Get Organized tools

Here's the complete list of all your
new shiny template tools!


Wheel of life self-assessment
Important/Not Urgent Grid
Chunk, block, and tackle project
management template
Stop/Start/Continue/Do Less/Do
More decision-making chart
Quarterly assessment grid
Annual goals and monthly
milestones tracker
9 ways to overcome
procrastination tip sheet
Daily productivity rituals guide
If money were no object
prioritizing tool


Working from home focus,
scheduling, and energy checklist
Wake up success thoughts and
Fasting – 3 ways to purify your
mind, body, heart, and soul
Spring renewal questoins
Mid-day perks that respect your
natural rhythms
Dissolving workaholic patterns
with nature
Pen to paper relaxation
Linking empathy and
Stop this new technique
Shut down work routines
Shut down night-time routines
Habit of generosity and


The power of one: Power of my
internal systems
The power of one: Power of
personal synergy
The power of one: Fast and slow
The power of two people talking
The power of two people
The power of workflow
The power of team: Asking
The power of team:
Encouragement and Challenge
The power of input: correct data
and correct decisions
The power of scale: Inclusion
The power of scale: Cross system
department communication
The power of scale: Innovation
and standardization

Get it now for only $37

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