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We’ve helped business owners
create a business that works.

We’ve helped organizations see significant business improvements by focusing on how people learn at work. Working with the roots of human motivation instead of against it has dramatic and sustained outcomes.

What will your
legacy be?

We help managers learn the skills and attitudes of wise, impactful leadership so they can improve workplace morale, productivity, and business results while building a legacy that endures for generations.

Need Custom Course or Resource Development?

At Shift Management we have developed 50+ courses and 100+ multimedia resources based on adult learning best practices to fully equip your managers with the skills they need to lead, and your programs with resources you require to serve your workforce and your clients.


Why Your Employees Aren’t Excited To Meet Your Goals

Business owners often tell me that their employees don’t show motivation, ask for too much, or just don’t get on board with their ideas for how to help the company make more money. Knowing how human beings function at work can be helpful in understanding this. In the…


What You Might Not Know About Change Management

“We need change management!” is the cry I hear most frequently these days from both HR and C-Suite decision makers looking for training. When I ask about the context, they typically want their tired and emotionally spent employees to accept more changes, work harder,…


Being Heard And Acknowledged Even If You Are Shy

A lot of professionals tell me they lack voice in their organizations. They are either hampered by their own insecurity and lack of confidence, or by the hierarchy in the organization which seems to stymie their efforts at sharing ideas or even finding a space or…


Meeting Kindred Spirits and Fighting Toxicity with Love

A keynote speech delivered by Dr. Julie Pham at “The Spirit of Work” book launch You never know when, where, or how you will meet a kindred spirit. That is how I feel about Dr. Marie Gervais. We met three months ago, when she interviewed me for her podcast, after I…


Reversing Incivility With Intent To Be And Do Good

Do a search on incivility and rudeness in the workplace and you will come up with hundred shifts of posts. It’s a hot topic for a reason… As you’re looking for answers on how to improve your workplace climate, you’ll find a ton of great courses, resources and tips….


Imagining a Workplace Culture With No Prejudice!

When my friend from Cameroon walked down the hallway of the accounting firm where she worked, nobody smiled at her. Every person she greeted appeared to have not heard her and sometimes even bumped into her as if she were invisible. Although they said good morning to…


I Was Writing A Book But Didn’t Know It

It was my first date on my first job as a teacher and nobody greeted me. I had to ask at the office where my classroom was and request a key – no tour offered. The class had a storage room that had never been cleaned and no supplies had been ordered for the year….


A Foundation for Workplace Interactions: Soul-Enhancing Words and Actions

We need a new way to think about workplace interactions Ask any employee or manager what their workplace needs to improve, and the most likely answer will be “communication”. Next inline on the “must-improve” list will be “accountability” then, “dealing better with…


How Leaders Can Be More Compassionate to Employees

How Leaders Can Be More Compassionate to Employees (a guest blog) by Rose Julian When asked where acts of compassion regularly occur, the office would probably be last on your mind! Professional environments are focused on advancement and economic outcomes to achieve..