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Wish you had some tips for typical workplace communications and productivity predicaments but don’t have a lot of time to figure it out?

We’ve got you covered!

The ability to communicate, be productive, and solve interpersonal problems are employers’ MOST sought after skill sets.

Our Effective Communication at Work audio course was created specifically for you to get started on that skill-building journey – quickly and easily.

This Communication course is for you if you long to:

  • Overcome procrastination
  • Feel more focused and productive
  • Understand and mitigate difficult communication with difficult people
  • Negotiate effectively even under stress
  • Find your own space in the workplace political landscape
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Effective Communication Courses Includes Lifetime Access:

  • Self-study course with certificate of completion
  • Three hours professional development credits

Effective Communication Training courses includes:

  • Three 30-minute audio courses
  • Three downloadable workbooks
  • Three course reflection questions
  • One certificate of completion

Effective Communication Training Course

What you will learn in the effective communication course:

Here’s what you will learn in three 30-minutes effective communication skills
training course with downloadable workbooks:

Building Effective Communication Building Effective Communication

The effective communication course explains common dysfunctional communication patterns and how to work with them and then launches into handling workplace politics. It provides tools for communicating in uncomfortable workplace situations and for negotiating workplace politics in a way that feels right for you.

Setting Out For Success Setting Out For Success

Effective communication training tackles a theme most of us struggle with: procrastination and productivity at work. The course shows how you can work more effectively with your own procrastination by seeing your procrastination styles as messages you may have been ignoring. It provides ways to work more productively by working with your body and mind instead of against them.

Problem Solving In Teams Problem Solving In Teams

An effective comm skills training addresses working with team members who don’t follow procedures by considering what you, the system or the team member could be contributing to the problem and then offering ways to overcome obstacles to building accountable team members and teams.

With our three-hour self-study comm skills training, you can get started on the skills you need to:

Effective communication courses Canada

Stay Competitive

Effective communication courses online

Be Promotable

Effective communication courses for professionals

Feel Confident

With Our Effective Communication Courses, You Will Have What You Need to Improve:

Get effective communication courses now for only $97.