About Shift Management | Succeed in Workplace Learning

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What We Do

Using online courses and live web coaching, Shift Management provides the learning tools you need for your supervisors and managers to lead effectively. We help you build inclusive and happy workplaces where employees have both people skills, personal productivity habits and ease using technology.


  • Supervisory Leadership training certificate program (online, blended)
  • Quickstudy Manager Builder
  • Dealing with Workplace Bullying; Building Psychological Safety

Learning development services

  • Curriculum writing and multimedia resource development
  • Customized online learning and coaching specific to your workplace needs
  • Business strategizing and staff learning retreats
  • Leadership, conflict style and inclusivity assessments and evaluations (English and French)
  • Productivity tools and tutorials for individual workplace habit development


  • Intercultural communication coaching for managing the diverse workforce
  • Career transition and management interpersonal skills coaching
  • Emotional Freedom coaching for getting past hidden blocks

Free and ongoing

  • Monthly webinars and masterclasses
  • Culture and Leadership Connections Podcast
  • Savvy Supervisor closed Facebook group