What We Do

You need employees who can make good decisions, take initiative and show leadership. They have to be able to apply new ideas and technology while keeping up efficient and productive work. When people learn at work, they keep their thinking skills sharp. Shift Management provides the tools you need to succeed in workplace learning.

Course themes are:

  • Supervisory Leadership training certificate program (online, blended)
  • Intercultural communication manager training
  • Customized online learning with group coaching and live instructor support
  • Business strategizing and staff learning retreats
  • Gamification of routine workplace procedures such as orientation and regulatory procedures
  • Leadership and conflict style assessments and evaluations
  • Team building eventsTeam coaching (live or virtual)

For individual professional development we provide:

  • QuickStudy Manager Builder micro-learning self-directed leadership courses
  • Canadian Workplace certificate in workplace intercultural competency
  • Supervisory Leadership training certificate program
  • Webinars for management learning, finding work in your field
    and cross-cultural communication
  • In-course private FaceBook community groups for ongoing dialogue and learning

For everyone’s professional learning we provide:

  • Monthly free webinars on workplace, leadership and
    culture topics
  • Professional monthly online coaching sessions
  • Coaching and mentoring packages

Our weekly blogs, monthly webinars, and bi-weekly FB live “ask Marie” sessions are always available, insightful and free!