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S4 COVID-19 Helps Us Focus on What Matters

Revaluating Our Lives

With this pandemic forcing us all into isolation, I have spoken to many people who are revaluating their activities in the light of what really matters. Some people want to change their careers and need coaching to reimagine their lives, while others want to spend more time with family or help those in need. Neighborhood initiatives have sprouted, industries have transformed, artistic creations have been initiated and completed in record time frames, and even the formalizing of vague ideas into non-profit societies have all blossomed in one week.

Reconnecting through Music

One of my daughter’s neighbours, who is a musician, hosts a sing-along from his porch at 4 pm twice weekly. Everyone comes out of their front doors and sings along to everything from the Beatles to Raffi for 30 minutes, even in the Winnipeg Winter. While this would have been reported to the cops or been ignored before this pandemic, it has brought her street to life during this time. This goes to show how love and concern can bring people together during difficult times.

Realigning to Our True Nature

Although this experience is painful and ridden with anxiety and suffering, COVID-19 is an opportunity to realign to our true nature. Governments are paying attention to what really matters and executing important decisions with lightning speed. In response, we are patient and courteous. We recognize our interdependence and are grateful for everyone working to keep our society healthy and functioning. This virus has been teaching us to focus on what matters and to feel that we are ‘with’ people even as we are isolated and physically distant.

Restoring The Spirit of Work

For my part, I wanted to take this opportunity to share some takeaways from a book I have been working on called ‘The Spirit of Work’’. Until COVID-19, I did not have a sense of urgency to put my thoughts down or share them, but I do now. The next three solo episodes of the Culture and Leadership Connections podcast will be from the book. You can comment on them in our WorkandCulture twitter account or by sending an email to . Or, if these musings inspire you to work with me, I would be most interested in hearing from you. We can chat and see what might be beneficial to both of us!


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