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E1 Belonging, Culture and Leadership Stories: Why I started Culture and Leadership Connections with Marie Gervais

Show Notes:

With her company, Shift Management Inc., Marie Gervais, PhD., brings workplace learning to new heights with online supervisory leadership training for industry, career development coaching and tools to improve workplace communications across cultures. She applies field-based practical tools to workplace problems, builds capacity for systems thinking and problem solving, and facilitates collaborative teamwork for today’s diverse workforce. If you are looking for leadership training with real workplace results to bring out the talents and skills of the team a conversation with Marie is the best place to start.

Episode highlights:


  • Marie’s childhood with immigrant and pioneer parents and their friends taught her to seek understanding across difference
  • The experience of being in Japan interviewing men from war torn countries planted the seeds for the Culture and Leadership Connections Podcast
  • Individuals are affected by groups and groups affect individuals – and why that is a new podcast perspective



    • “The people I have interviewed typically ask themselves a lot of questions based on the probing that the interview leads them towards. In many ways, their experience mirrors the first experience I had in Japan with my “men and peace” interview project. I’m certain you will really enjoy these interviews and that they will provide you with insights into the complexity of how individuals interact with groups and how groups impact individuals.”


  • My definition of culture: any group that creates norms and ways of being together.
  • My definition of leadership : anything that causes others to want to follow your example.
  • Living in way that causes others to want to follow you and the impact of the groups you were born into and the ones you chose, is what this podcast is all about.
  • In this podcast, you will discover what cultural influences have formed the careers of noteworthy leaders in a variety of professions by exploring the groups that shaped who they are today.

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