I’m Marie Gervais!

I help transform supervisor fear into confident communication for effective team leadership.

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Learn to lead with confidence and skill

Expand supervisor leadership capacity in just 90 minutes a week for 14 weeks with our Supervisory Leadership Certificate Program.

Shift’s 8 step leadership journey helps supervisors communicate effectively and skillfully solve conflicts.

How to get your supervisors on board?

Here’s how Shift’s 8 step leadership journey builds skills that stick:


Show the need to know – launch meeting


Online assessments and personal debrief session


Interactive online content in four themes


Self and group reflection exercises


Concepts to job context using real industry scenarios


Live web group skill building sessions


Goal setting and cohort goal discussion


Improved onsite systems and procedures

About Marie

Course creator, project manager, author, instructor, coach, podcast host, interviewer

Sick of dumbed-down training that shows no results? Me too!

Using a blend of high level thinking, real industry incidents and practical skill building, I help supervisors grow their management skills while respecting their experience, industry understanding and expertise.

The foundation of our approach to manager development is SWEL: Safety, Well-Being, Encouragement and Learning.

Using responsive coaching and quality content, our course makes it easy for technical individuals to master people management skills.


Be the leader you always knew you could be

Help others become the leaders they want to be.

Shift thinking. Drive learning. Get results.
Do your supervisors have the skills they need to lead?

Client Love

“I was skeptical before starting this course, but I found all the sessions useful to my job and to improving my leadership skills. There are good tips, and practical strategies to help you improve which have been positive for me. I would say my supervisory skills have improved, particularly from reflecting on the exercises and implementing the goals to my job.”

– David Rivers, HSE Manager, US Trinidad Drilling

“The changes to our manager’s leadership behaviour as a result of the training are helping to make our business stronger. We are working more effectively towards common goals. Investing in this training for my managers has built loyalty to the company and increased personal motivation to excel.”

-Thierry Pregliasco

McDonalds Restaurant Owner

“Marie has a unique and highly effective coaching style. She infuses her trademark motivating, energetic style with up to date information and empathy. That’s a hard combination to come by! I wholeheartedly recommend Marie for those who are serious about finding a coach to shift them to the next level.”

– Junetta Jamerson, Community Recruitment Consultant, Alberta’s Rural Physician Action Plan (RPAP)

“I found this course to be useful for both new and experienced managers and leaders. This course covers information that is typically overlooked in a work place and helps understand the relationship between team members and their supervisor. The questions and assignments are designed in a way to get one thinking about their daily actions. I both enjoyed this course and found it useful and organized to go back and remind myself of some of the points mentioned.”

– Vahid Rashidi, Engineer, City of Edmonton

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“We were the first in our profession to pivot to online testing, which we attribute to learning with Shift Management on this project.”

Richard Spelliscy, Registrar and CEO, College of Alberta Psychologists