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E41 Beauty Endures with Denise Shamlian


Wellness Unicorn: An Armenian-American health and wellness coach shows you how to make your inner beauty shine.

Bio for Denise Shamlian

Denise Shamlian, Health Education Advocate and owner of Get Up Get Out Get Well Health Coaching, has successfully worked with clients around the world helping them achieve their health and happiness goals. Her corporate experience in Sales, Marketing and Education spans many well-known Fortune 500 companies dedicated to health and beauty.

Always dedicated to health and wellness, Denise achieved her Health Coaching Certification from Integrative Nutrition to foster new ideas and grow a health and wellness business. A licensed Esthetician in 3 states, she features facials as part of her client’s unique programs. Her current focus is advocating for health and wellness businesses and clients, with a specific focus on marginalized communities.

Denise entered the world of beauty and fashion immediately after graduating and worked with companies started by influential women. Helping women has therefore become a center of focus for her now, wanting to bring empowerment and self-care to all women. She encourages women to be aware, research and consult a beauty advisor before using any beauty product.

Episode highlight

As an Armenian-American, Denise Shamlian was raised to be straightforward and direct in her communication and pursuit of goals. Listen in on how she uses her talents and abilities to create a productive solutions-based existence in the health and wellness industry.



  • “Health and wellness is something that sets you up for success in so many places in your life.”
  • “The health and wellness sector has been steadily growing since 2007. How do we now capitalize upon that for our social needs so that we have a greater quality of life?”
  • “People can put creams and lotions but if the underlying structure is not there in the health and wellness arena, the results may not be as well.”
  • “Anything is possible, anything is achievable.”
  • “You have to sort of temper how you speak in a corporate environment versus how you speak in your home.”
  • “When you learn and that gives you the opportunity to learn about other cultures, you’re much more open-minded to things and… the norm is just not what you live, the norm is completely different depending upon who you are.”
  • “Something about meeting an Armenian no matter where you are in this world – if you meet one, you are automatically connected and you share something that is a love and a joy that no one else might understand.”
  • “What we put into our bodies is extremely important for how we navigate our world. Whether it be this virus or another or the flu or any other adverse situation, when your mind and your body are aligned, that’s.. how we grow and we.. need to go to a higher level of human consciousness in order to navigate it and be prosperous and maybe unlock whatever it is we’re doing here.”
  • “Being self-aware… that comes with a certain amount of… meditative investigatory work because sometimes you may not be aware.”
  • “You are a person inside… you have a drive, you’re a soul and you exhibit qualities that are unique. Every single person does it. it’s the conforming and the maybe societal rejection and the norm that makes us sort of temper ourselves.”
  • “Feedback is just feedback… it’s neither good nor bad; it just is.”
  • “If you want to make a choice of health… it’s very different from what anybody else says, but it gives you what you’re needing and you have a very productive and happy life… then… [you] should be able to have that choice.”
  • “I really want what the client wants and when I see a happy client, it makes me extremely happy because it means that I’ve contributed in a positive way to another human on this planet.”
  • “I… through kindness and love, point out to people that those may be… thoughts that have guided them their whole entire lives and… they realize that it’s no longer serving them. Being true, being honest to oneself, is the greatest way to spiritual enlightenment.”
  • “Every person you meet, no matter whether you read about them or even touch them or see them on a Zoom call, they’re influencing or impacting your life in some way and nothing is random. So, we all have things to learn from one another and how we decide to make a difference in the world is how well we take the learnings.”
  • “The ideas and the knowledge and the tools that we have in our toolbox apply in so many different areas and we should constantly be honing and sharpening our skills to take our life knowledge to be able to go solutions-based forward in everything we do.”


Childhood Incidents

Denise is a first-generation Armenian-American on her father’s side and second on her mother’s. Her family taught her to be tenacious, direct, straightforward, open and free-spirited in her communication. “I… found my voice because my surroundings allowed me to,” she says.

Being an older sister in a single-parent household, Denise also learned to stand up for her mother, and become a solution-seeker who took charge. Taking charge also ran in her family tree – had it not been for the resilience of her great grandparents, she would not have been born in America. She was helped by the Armenian community to get a college degree and was the first in her family to do so.

Influential groups

Denise grew up in Queens, New York in a middle-class community composed of people from different backgrounds, cultures and religions. She considers herself blessed to have been exposed to the different traditions, cuisines and ways of life that made her the open-minded person she is today.

Even though she is not a religious person, being born into a Christain Armenian family taught her to be tolerant of all practices. She also gets her love for food from the Armenian culture, which she has extended into her practice as a wellness coach, teaching people how to use food to heal. She feels connected to any Armenian she meets anywhere in the world.

Denise belongs to the Central Park Dance Skaters Association and has skated all over the world. She feels free and happy pursuing this sport, and it helps her see “just how happy people can be with the smallest of things happening.” “It’s our release, it’s our freedom, and it’s our way of really just coming together in different communities and enjoying one another,” she says.

Temperament and Personality Influences

Denise has always been a ‘persister’, throwing tantrums if she didn’t get what she wanted as a child. One of her bosses even called her “a dog with a bone”! Even though she knows it’s valuable to fight for what you believe in, she is working to go with the flow of the universe and pick her battles now. She wants to be contemplative and work towards a “productive solutions-based existence”.

Cultural Epiphanies

In her travels, Denise found that her direct style of communication was not always a good fit, especially in the more ‘proper’ areas of Europe. Even in her professional dealings, she has found that there can be a big gap between what is being communicated and what is understood. “There’s different ways of communicating to my norm that are so not the norm in other places”, she remarks.

Advice to an Employer

Denise wants her clients to know that she is committed to their happiness and using the therapeutic relationship for all-around growth. She says of her work process, “When you work together, it’s about how to bring out the best in the client but at the end of the day, they also bring out the best in me. We grow, we learn, we connect with another human.”

More Great Insights!

Visit Denise’s website to avail of her offerings in health coaching, business advisory and beauty and aesthetics tips. “Ask questions, be truthful and just be out there – be out there investigating and doing things that make you feel well”, she signs off.


Denise Shamlian got her resilience from her Armenian roots, persistence from her temperament and directness from Armenian, American and New Yorker cultures combined. Working for years at a corporate level with important beauty brand names such as Liz Claibourne and Estee Lauder, Denise had the benefit of mastering sales and marketing while being mentored by high-level successful women. Taking her career to the next level, Denise chose a more intense focus on nutrition and health as a foundation for beauty. Her business uses facials as a springboard into nutrition for living a healthier and happier life.


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