People management training for supervisors and team leaders

In most organizations the Supervisor or Team Leader is the first level of management, moving from an hourly wage to a salaried position. Supervisors may have strong technical skills but appreciate direct training on people management. This course addresses the four main themes required for competent people management at supervisory level.
This course is both online and instructor guided with four overview videos and four online group coaching sessions. It provides a foundational introduction to leadership for front line managers who want to understand the people dynamics of effectively managing a team. Upon completion students receive a Certificate in Supervisor Leadership.

Themes are:

  • Core Elements of Supervision
  • Leadership to Motivate and Build Capacity
  • Communication and Team Building
  • Conflict Management
Each course theme incorporates leadership and conflict style inventories and individually chosen SMART goals. Group coaching ensures applicability to the job context and monitoring of desired outcomes. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate in Supervisory Leadership Level 1.

Training Hours and time commitment:

  • 16 hours online course work
  • 7 hours live web coaching and instruction
  • 3 coaching, 1 launch meeting web sessions
  • 4 goal setting, goal operations and follow ups,
  • 2 virtual leadership and conflict style inventories with instructor explanation
  • Certificate in Supervisory Leadership Level 1 upon completion
  • 23 hours total
Inventories are completed online prior to training. Introductory meeting are held with managers to discuss their expectations and provide an overview.

Module 1

Core Elements of Supervision

  • Group coaching session
  • Review theme 1 explain goal process, create first SMART goal
  • Goal driven follow up results submitted using online form

Module 2

Leadership to Motivate and Build Capacity

  • Group coaching session
  • Review theme 1 explain goal process, create second SMART goal
  • Participants report on goal progress during coaching. Make adjustments to goal.

Module 3

Communication and Teamwork

  • Group coaching session
  • Review theme 3 focus on specifics, report on goal.
  • Set 3rd SMART goal
  • Participants complete goal and report on progress during coaching

Module 4

Conflict Management Basics

  • Reflect on course learning and all three goal setting outcomes.
  • Report presented to company leadership

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This course is for you:

  • You want to build a solid leadership foundation for your career
  • You want to find your own leadership style and blend between authority and support
  • You need insights for how to work more effectively with your team(s)
  • Workplace communication is something you are focused on improving
  • You are interested in preventing team conflict and solving issues with less stress
  • Your management supports you taking the course

This course is not for you:

  • You have already completed one or two introductory leadership courses
  • You are more interested in the financial or production end of supervisor leadership
  • You do not have the support of your management to take the course

How will this course benefit you?

  • You will have a clear understanding of your own leadership skills and conflict strategies
  • It will be easier for you to diagnose and respond appropriately to motivation and accountability issues on your team
  • You will know how to set your own boundaries, make effective people decisions and collaborate with your fellow supervisors
  • Your self-confidence will increase and you will feel happier and more productive at work
  • Your listening and communication skills will improve
  • You will have strategies to prevent with most conflicts and deal effectively with the rest

What Beth learned from Supervisory Leadership!

(Director of Environmental Health and Safety at Nova University)

What you will get with your subscription:

  • Four easy to follow themes separated into accessible content tabs
  • Four group coaching sessions to guide your learning
  • A personal record of your leadership inventory and conflict style
  • Practical ways to set realistic goals for your own job
  • Feedback and support on your goal setting
  • Ongoing instructor support
  • A certificate in Supervisory Leadership upon completion

Online delivery cost $1,597 per person.

Includes: leadership and conflict style inventories, individual and group coaching, instructor support, online community interaction, and lifetime access to online course content!

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