Can you remember the 5 Twitter handles Marie recommended job searchers start following?

140 characters is certainly enough to get the work you are looking for. Learn how Twitter can connect you to the opportunities you need to reach your career goals.
Twitter is a 140 character way that recruiters finding people to fill positions – people just like you! By spending a bit of time to set up your profile, you can connect yourself with the opportunities you need to make your career aspirations materialize.

Start by finding these handles to follow or begin looking for the handles the company you want to work for uses when it posts job openings:

  • @jobpostingsca
  • @jobs_gc
  • @jobbank_gc
  • @jobadsnetwork
  • @BofC_jobs (Bank of Canada)

“Networking is an essential part of building wealth.”

Armstrong Williams

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What you need to know about using Twitter to get a job