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E29 Putting Faith First with Shayna Rattler

Bio for Shayna Rattler

Shayna Rattler is a minister, life/business mentor, coach, consultant, and speaker who helps people from all walks of life achieve personal growth and organizational excellence. As CEO of Corporate Attraction, a global consultancy based in Dallas, Texas, she has received multiple awards, published 3 books, and been featured in over 250 media outlets. She is also the host of the Faith First Leadership Podcast.

A wildly successful entrepreneur by 28, Shayna’s advice was solicited by those wanting to start a business. She realized that she the ability and the desire to “help people’s dreams become a reality”, leading her to business coaching and leadership development. In 2018, she felt a calling towards the church ministry and has since been assisting burned out high-performing leaders successfully shift to a new reality.

Episode highlight

Shayna Rattler is passionate about helping others develop a deeper understanding of God and the identity they have in Him. Listen in on how she discovered and welcomed her mission to help leaders shift from burned out to where God needs them next to succeed in business and life.



  • “When you put your faith first, everything else falls into place.”
  • “Often times, our minds immediately go to what are we going to do but I don’t think that there is any mistake that we’re called human beings and not human doings and so I believe that if we recognize that our shifting season is going to be more about who we are going to become and then focus on those areas and develop becoming a better version of ourselves, that we’re in a better position to be able to identify and focus on what to do next.”
  • “We can only do to the capacity of who we are.”
  • “I pray that we get to the point where we focus more on the principles and less about our preference.”
  • “When the IQ test was originally created, it was created off of adaptability and black people were outscoring other races by droves, because who else knows how to adapt other than people who have grown up extremely poor and in slavery?”
  • “The people whom you lead are usually going to be very varied in comparison to who you are… Any effective leader has to be able to adapt to the times and the changes but more specifically to the cultures of those that you lead.”
  • “I’m never done, I have never arrived… I have a ‘what’s next’ spirit.”
  • “It’s one thing to want something and visualize it and it’s another thing entirely to have the guts and the courage to take the steps, to move your feet and actually go after what it is you say you want to have.”
  • “Keep going even when you don’t feel like it.”
  • “I take things very seriously; I just don’t believe that I have to be serious while I do it.”
  • “You should care how it [the truth] makes people feel and you should be intentional… about your delivery.”


Childhood incidents:

Shayna has had an entrepreneurial spirit since the age of 5. She would hold yard sales and try different techniques to earn because her father told her, “If you want it, work for it”. As the only child of a single father, she grew up with a strong work ethic and credits that exposure with her success as an entrepreneur.

Even though her parents were not churchgoers, her 4th grade friend’s parents would take her along often. She credits that family with her introduction to what God living in a household looked like. She was baptized in her early 20s and began living according to the faith in her 30s but has always been a Christian at heart.

Groups you were born into and belonged to:

Shayna was born to a white mother and black father and grew up in a mostly white agricultural town in central Illinois. She had white friends and only knew her maternal grandmother but had familial relations with everyone on her father’s side. The black culture influenced her most as a leader, teaching her adaptability as a leader, with her paternal grandmother passing on much wisdom and experience.

Shayna has been a part of many coaching groups and mastermind circles and being around people dedicated to their personal and professional development has inspired her to “think bigger and have the guts to go after that bigger”. She has now authentically shaped her profession around a lifestyle which truly reflects her beliefs.

Temperament and personality influences

Coming from a black family and a white friend circle, Shayna claims she can get along with anyone like a chameleon. She is also light-hearted and funny and adds a dash of humour to everything she does. She is a D on the DiSC assessment and prefers to be direct instead of getting caught in the “analysis paralysis”.

However, as a child, she admits she was not tactful while speaking her truths and did not care if it hurt people. As an adult, she has learned to communicate her opinions after taking other people’s feelings into consideration.

A time I became aware that my way of doing things was cultural and specific to my cultural experience

Shayna came across a thread on the internet discussing if meat should be washed before it is seasoned and cooked. She found that she and most black people were in favour of washing the meat while other races were content with cooking it at a high temperature. She realized that like most food choices, “we all have our own definitions… but we think our way is the right way.”

Advice to an employer to work with me

Shayna prefers to just be given the gist instead of the details. She is happy to communicate with you in the style of your choosing, but the best way to get through to her is to “get straight to it.”

More great insights from our guest!

Shayna advises leaders to “be willing to recognize that you don’t have to have all the answers.” You may become stuck if you feel you must be the one finding the solution to every challenge. To take back your enthusiasm and step into another dimension of success, access Shayna’s free 40-minute training module ‘Conquer Burnout & Get Unstuck NOW!


Don’t stay stuck: A faith-first entrepreneur shows us how to create a sustainable life structure with our beliefs at its core.


Shayna Rattler has explored her faith for many years, crafting a meaningful profession which helps others get unstuck in theirs. Raised to be independent and chase her dreams with passion, Shayna assists others to access new dimensions of success by examining their beliefs.


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