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E89 Become the CEO of Your Life with Prerika Agarwal


You are the CEO of your life. Take charge of your life now and watch yourself grow.

Bio for Prerika Agarwal

Prerika Agarwal is the Founder, Executive Coach and CEO of Inspiration Careers. She is a certified Executive Coach. She has 18+ years of leadership experience at Fortune 500 companies. She has built a career in technology and management consulting. Prerika coaches women who want to take that next big leap in their careers. She has coached over 150 clients using her unique mindset meets strategy methodology.

Her core philosophy is to empower women to design careers that light them up, write books, start their businesses, and make more money than they had ever imagined. Prerika’s mission is to help as many women as a possible step into being the CEO of their lives.

Episode highlight

All her life, Prerika has been absorbed into achieving things to please other people and feel seen. Despite being among the few lucky people to land big jobs with big titles, she wasn’t feeling fulfilled. Her transformation came when she took coaching that opened her up to what she is cut out for.



  • “Being driven is a thought. It’s how you see yourself and who you see yourself as.”
  • “Rest, relaxation and giving yourself space to breathe is the most productive tool.”
  • “If we can’t recognize that we’re a part of creation, and the planet sustains life and be grateful for it, then we’re likely to do damage.”
  • “Sometimes things are polar opposites, and they are in opposition to each other. But I think that this is all part of that same continuum.”


Childhood Incidents

When Prerika was 11 years old, they moved from Queens to Long Island because her parents wanted to move into a bigger house, and they also wanted Prerika and her brother to go to a much better school district. This was a huge turning point for Prerika.

For Prerika to fit into her new school, she joined all the academic clubs. She was a member of 13 clubs, leaving her with no room to relax.

Influential groups

The group that Prerika identifies with the most is the coaching and self-development community because it helps you focus on controlling what you can, thinking about the changes that you can, what you can control rather than being hyper-focused on circumstances and things that you really can’t do anything about that we often feel victimized.

Temperament and Personality Influences

From childhood, Prerika has always been so particular about what she wants and makes sure everybody knows. Growing up, she has always thought of herself as an introvert. Over the years, that has changed, and her confidence has grown.

Cultural Epiphanies

Long Island is a place for the wealthy. It was immediately registered in her subconscious that wealthy people are not inclusive, and they are not nice. Also, due to her Indian culture, Prerika had moments when she was guilty of spending money on herself.

Thriving Moments

Prerika thrives with clients who are hungry for change and willing to get on an uncomfortable journey with her.

Soap Box Moment

Prerika invites us to step into being the CEOs of our lives. In the modern day, the title CEO holds a lot of power. The person has that unshakable confidence. They are ready to take risks for the well-being of the organization. She invites us to do the same regardless of our titles.


Prerika Agarwal is a self-reflective achiever whose drive for excellence and desire to belong became her ticket to success and her downfall. At age 11, as the only brown face in a sea of wealthy white children attending her Long Island school, she joined 13 clubs and worked overtime on her studies to achieve the grades and find the friends she hoped would be the result of her actions. Fast forward to a successful career in Fortune 500 companies that came with the serious effects of stress on her health, Prerika decided to go out on her own as an executive coach. This decision brought her to a community of coaches where she truly feels she can fully be herself while belonging to a group of encouraging and accepting colleagues.


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