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What are the benefits of being an inclusive employer?

Glad you asked! When people think of your business as inclusive this is what they imagine:
  • A happy and productive workplace with diverse employees who love to come to work.
  • Diverse clients, repeat business, employee referrals
  • A successful business that generates profit and makes a difference
  • You as a go-to employer who sees talent wherever it shows itself
Your Employer Inclusive Workplace Certificate badge on your website means:

You have:

  • Experienced inclusive workplace hiring, on boarding and integration strategies and reflected on what that means for your workplace.
  • Examined several best practice employer inclusion examples, identified the steps and clarified what worked.
  • Assessed your workplace global diversity and inclusion using the International Diversity and Inclusion Benchmark tool.
  • Considered the impact of exclusion with minority employees and applied inclusion practices that would show more effective integration to specific areas of your organization.

Your tools were:

  • “The ultimate hiring and retention toolkit”
  • “Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks”

Your actions were:

  • Created an inclusion intervention strategy plan for your organization
  • Presented your plan to the workshop group and responded to feedback.
  • Completed the required eight hours of course work towards your certificate in employer inclusion.
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What Others Say

"From this course I better understand the many cultural factors impacting internationally trained job seekers looking for work in Canada. I liked the balanced view of both employer perspectives with job seeker perspectives throughout the course, the real examples and the thought provoking videos. It is always an issue to deal with intercultural misunderstandings in the workplace, but I feel better equipped to solve them after taking this course. I recommend this user-friendly practical course to anyone looking for work in their field in Canada."

Ben Sabet
Course participant Work and Culture Online