Can you remember 3 of the steps Marie shares to get employers to pay attention to your job application?

Have the feeling that your application is getting lost before anyone even sets eyes on it? You could be right. Get the tips you need to make your next job application stand out.

Knowing how to set yourself apart – in only the best ways – is key in making employers stand up and take notice of your resume and cover letter. Here are just 4 of the ways Marie suggests you can connect yourself to the work you’ve been waiting for:

  1. Create a “Human-Voiced” resume
  2. Get connected to those who are already working for your targeted employers
  3. Use social media to follow or “like” the organizations you are interested in
  4. Deliver your application in a non-conventional way (and, yes – snail mail is a possibility here!)


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Checklist: How to get employers to respond to your job application