Imagine having 300+ organized video clips for staff new to Canada! 

Our multilingual videostack collection of problem solving Canadian workplace scenarios, job find
tips and Canadian workplace cultural scenarios provides effective tools for agencies, employers and universities working with immigrants.

Videos are categorized in handy themes including: interviews, workplace expectations, intercultural communication, networking tips, dealing with rejections and finding work. They have context
explanations and discussion questions to use the videos as springboards for discussion and action.
Videos assist job seekers, workshop trainers, managers, settlement and employment counselors and
staff meeting facilitators with finding answers to common issues faced by immigrant job seekers and
their employers.

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These videos are for you if:

  • You want instant access to multiple themed videos to
    help newcomers find work
  • You need a way to show newcomers about Canadian workplace
    culture that is fast and impactful
  • You want to find new ways to develop your own intercultural
    competency and capacity to explain Canadian culture to others
  • You need some helpful tools to show employers what
    newcomers face and what helps them integrate more
    effectively into the Canadian workplace
  • You are looking for tools for English language learners to
    discuss finding employment and job search strategies
  • You want a fast way to incorporate continuous learning for staff
  • You would like staff and workshop discussion themes for the
    next three to five years without having to do any preparation
  • You assist newcomers whose English is not yet fluent to find
    inroads into employment

These videos are not for you if:

  • You already have your own video library for newcomer
  • You don’t have any agency focus on employment
  • Staff do not require intercultural awareness or training
  • Staff can easily and accurately explain Canadian workplace
    expectations to clients
  • Clients are not resistant to employment counselor or English
    language teacher advice

How will these videos benefit you?

  • Convenient instant access to 60 Canadian Workplace explanatory videos with subtitles in five languages
  • Insights to build your own intercultural competence
  • Ways to explain the complexities of Canadian workplace culture
  • A method of getting around client resistance
  • Helpful discussion starters for staff meetings and workshops


Canadian business handshakes and phone behaviours

Cultural misunderstandings with a client

Expectations of rewards, Pakistani and Canadian colleague


Networking for work when you have no network

What you will get with your subscription:

  • 60 short videos with subtitles in French, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi and Ukrainian:
  • Categorized in 17 helpful categories with discussion questions, context explanations and support documents
  • 10 Webinars on job find topics such as networking and entry level resumes
  • 10 Topic specific video responses to typical job search questions for newcomers
  • More videos and updates added regularly!

$15.00 monthly subscription
Need multiple subscriptions?  10% Discount on 5 subscriptions or more

What Others Say

<div class="testimony-content"><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --> <p>"These videos are great materials for new comers, and offer an even greater opportunity for leaders and instructors to use in one-one-one meetings, courses or staff meetings. I particularly liked the video “Discrimination at work-Analysis” which is so helpful for educating newcomer employees (and their colleagues!) about everyone's rights and responsibilities for creating an inclusive workplace."</p><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><div class="testimony-details"><span class="testimony-author"> Nazar Tawfek, Maintenance Compliance Manager, Weatherford</span></div> </div>