Shift Management has monthly webinars for you to enjoy in the comfort of your office.

Every month Shift Management hosts a free webinar related to one of these three topics:

1. Leadership at work 
2. Career building
3. Intercultural communication

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Free webinars feature expert interviews about leadership, best practice employers, career build strategies and Canadian workplace culture tips

$47 Professional web coaching sessions offered monthly to build your intercultural communication skills and leadership self-awareness

Webinar topic: Listening: Your most powerful business too

“I really appreciated your style, voice, clarity, and interactive approach. I will check out further webinars and recommend you to others. Thank-you.”

-Kristopher Bonnett

Webinar topic: Present yourself better

“It’s a great webinar meeting that provides a lot of useful info I can use it in my work immediately. Thanks to organizer and speaker!”

-Jenny Feng

Webinar topic: Listening: Your most powerful business too

“Succinct and very useful information. I can say this webinar give me the confidence to have more trust in my strengths! Looking forward for more interesting webinars!”

-Mariana Zmau