Can you remember the 3 reasons Marie shares to help you understand why you are having problems dealing with the administrative side of your job?

Feel like all the reports, equipment inventories, training documentation, and software systems you deal with EVERY DAY are secretly conspiring to pull you under? Find out why you might be having this issue and what you can do about it.

If you feel the paperwork side of your job is crushing you, one of the explanations and strategies below might bring you some understanding and help you start getting out from under the weight of all that record keeping:

IF you are unclear about what your actual responsibilities are, THEN you can…

  • Jot down a list of what you think your responsibilities are
  • Present your list to your supervisor
  • Say, “If you were to prioritize these, what do you think is my most important ‘must do’ item?”

IF you are unfamiliar with the systems you are required to use, THEN you can…

  • Consider the tasks or software systems you are required to master
  • Tell yourself, “I’m going to get comfortable with one thing first” then come up with a plan and a timeline to do it
  • Get input from others, or write it out to help you reflect on your progress

IF the tasks you are doing seem useless, THEN you can…

  • Set boundaries: “I can do this part, and we can simplify this second part by…” OR “Can we improve this process by…”
  • Involve your team in coming up with ways to get admin tasks completed more effectively

Decide today why you’re struggling with your administrative responsibilities then DIG IN!

Is it time for a tough conversation with your supervisor? Set yourself up for success by taking our FREE eLearning course “Communicating with your boss.” After all, we wouldn’t want you to go into that meeting unprepared…

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“The secret to getting ahead is getting started”

Mark Twain

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