How does your resume measure up to the examples Marie provided?

5-6 seconds – that’s how long it takes an employer to decide whether your resume puts you in the “YES” pile or the “NO” pile. Let Marie help you stand out in the best ways from the others in the stack.

With so little time to make an impression, it’s important that your entry level resume sets you apart as a person with the skills, experience, and education the company needs. Use the following questions related to the video content to help decide how effectively your resume presents you as an essential employee:

  1. Is the name you listed easy for employers to pronounce and in a large font?
  2. Have you looked up the resume trends for the year to make sure your resume looks up-to-date?
  3. Is your objective or professional summary engaging? It is the first thing employers will see…
  4. Is the information you include concise and clearly divided into relevant sections?
  5. Have you created a separate sheet with your Canadian references to share at an interview?

Spending the time to create a resume that will appeal to potential employers is an important investment – it can pay you dividends when you find the work you’ve been looking for but it also prepares you to present yourself with confidence in the job market.

Look for the upcoming videos on creating mid-level and professional resumes coming soon.

“The simpler you say it, the more eloquent it is.”

August Wilson

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