To see team accountability grow, step into your inner wisdom!

My name is Marie Gervais. Through training and coaching, I help managers connect intuition, integrity, and performance to visible business results.

You do not need to choose between making a profit and being your best self.

Integrate your management skills with your inner compass to:

đź’ˇ inspire and execute plans effectively

đź’ˇ anchor experience and pivot for change

đź’ˇ be kind and lead with authority

A SWEL workplace is a profitable workplace.

S – Safety

W – Wellbeing

E – Encouragement

L – Learning

See the results with the team:

  • Work talk reflects respect and integrity
  • Behaviour shows increasing responsibility
  • Diversity and inclusion foster belonging
  • Confidence replaces fear
  • Helpful support dissolves criticism

Four Ways To Engage

C-Suite seeking to align external and internal growth for better outcomes

C-Suite retreat, monthly 90-minute team development workshops, six individual coaching sessions

Mid and Senior Managers seeking improved team and performance outcomes

2-day intensive course with four themes to hone self and other awareness and systems analysis skill

Up and Coming / New Managers needing practical skills and confidence to lead

14-week sustained or 4-week bootcamp front-line manager certificate program

Professionals seeking career / manager development coaching

4 coaching packages to choose from for career transition, or manager development

Still Looking?

Check out our self-study courses or get on the leadership webinars and events list!

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As Trusted By:

“We were the first in our profession to pivot to online testing, which we attribute to learning with Shift Management on this project.”

Richard Spelliscy, Registrar and CEO, College of Alberta Psychologists