Access your toolkit for career success

Find solutions to the four reasons why employers are not hiring you and build your skills to be continuously employable. This toolkit provides you with video explanations, templates and checklists to develop a rock solid job search strategy to get into work by showing employers you have what they are looking for.

Course themes are:

  • Building your entry or mid-level resume
  • Soft skills: Where yours are hiding and how to bring them out for employers to see
  • Networking for people who are shy, scared of talking to people or new to the country
  • Why employers don’t respond to online applications and what you can do instead to get results
Each toolkit section has downloadable checklists, resume templates and online exercises to help you find your own answers and get working faster.

This course is for you:

  • You need to know how to get that first job or move to a better second job
  • You have had trouble keeping work past the probation period
  • You aren’t sure how to identify and name your personal strengths
  • You are scared of networking and of talking to people you don’t know
  • Your online job applications are getting you nowhere

This course is not for you if:

  • You are looking for advice on creating a professional level resume
  • Your people skills are so good you always get hired and your colleagues and managers love you
  • Networking is something you love and are good at
  • Every second application results in a job offer
  • All your past jobs resulted in promotions

How will this course benefit you?

  • Master basic entry level resume building skills
  • Learn to name and speak about your personal strengths to potential employers
  • Find out what your own people skills are and how to pitch them
  • Understand various networking situations and feel confident about using them
  • Get insights into the backdoors for employment and know how to use them
  • Connect online with others to build your professional network

What you will get:

  • Four mini trainings to help you fill up your job skills tool box and know how to use the tools
  • Self-reflection exercises, tip sheets and checklists to practice the skills
  • Online exercises to check your understanding and make sure you are on track to find work
  • Access to the Canadian Workplace Facebook community to exchange ideas, share news and build your network

Time: 4 hours
Cost: $47

What Others Say

"From this course I better understand the many cultural factors impacting internationally trained job seekers looking for work in Canada. I liked the balanced view of both employer perspectives with job seeker perspectives throughout the course, the real examples and the thought provoking videos. It is always an issue to deal with intercultural misunderstandings in the workplace, but I feel better equipped to solve them after taking this course. I recommend this user-friendly practical course to anyone looking for work in their field in Canada."

Ben Sabet, course participant Work and Culture Online