Find the hidden job market, understand intercultural communication and solve workplace conflicts.

Our interactive and practical Canadian Workplace Certificate course helps newcomers to Canada find opportunities in the hidden job market and learn to negotiated Canadian workplace culture. Accompanying online materials are 3 webinar section overviews and 3 live coaching sessions. Upon completion students receive a Certificate in Intercultural Competency, Canadian Version.

For only a $297 one time payment you get lifetime access to this three course package with practical solutions to your work search problems!

Course 1. Understand Canadian employers and managers

Learn how to be more effective in your intercultural communications and more confident in your understanding of Canadian business expectations. You will learn about applying for jobs, interviews and basic Canadian business protocols.

Section A: Cultural knowledge for the workplace

  • Cultural implications of interviews
  • Direct and indirect cultural behaviours
  • Collectivism and individualism in the workplace
  • Canadian expectations for resumes, phone, greetings and handshakes

Section B: Management and mindfulness

  • Mindful techniques to respond to cultural difference
  • Formality and distance between managers and employees
  • What is culture shock and how does it affect work?
  • Integrating internationally trained professionals

Section C: Intercultural communication

  • Intercultural communication barriers
  • Finding clues to mis-communication and asking the right questions
  • Hidden Canadian workplace communication expectations
  • Solving intercultural misunderstandings
  • Tips for overcoming intercultural communication barriers at work

What Others Say

"The Canadian Workplace courses are an excellent way to become familiar with and identify cultural issues in the workplace, and gives practical tools to reduce the cultural distance often seen between newcomers to Canada and those born here. This is a highly recommended course."

Alice Chachana, Disabilities worker

Course 2. Finding and keeping work in your field

Learn everything you need to find the hidden job market with the back door tips that are much more likely to land you a job in your field of expertise. You will find out how to create a stunning LinkedIn profile, how to get from online to a real person and from an interview to a job offer.

Section D: Finding work in your field in Canada

  • Finding professional work in Canada using LinkedIn, Twitter, Online job searching and targeting with correct job terms
  • Making a good impression: Resumes, emails, phone calls
  • Canadian workplace norms
  • Interview tips
  • Building your network

Section E: Interpersonal skill development and promotions in Canada

  • Interpersonal skills for newcomers
  • Understanding Canadian interpersonal workplace contexts
  • Interpersonal skill incidents
  • Essential workplace skills
  • Improving essentials skills continuously

Section F: Career management: More than a job

  • Bridging your skills and education with Canadian career opportunities
  • Career planning and development
  • Getting promoted in Canada
  • Understanding the job market in your field and related fields
  • Matching skills and opportunities
  • Immigrant career change examples
  • Mentoring and professional associations

What Others Say

"Canadian Workplace courses have broadened my understanding of how to engage and participate in a multicultural team environment. I am confident that both my engineering and office-based activities will benefit from what I learned about exercising cultural mindfulness in a Canadian professional context."

Rael Gonzalez

Course 3. Sensitive issues that come up once you have found work

Learn about the kinds of intercultural misunderstandings that could cost you your job if you don’t know how to resolve them quickly. You will be introduced to ways to understand what could be considered a mistake at work in Canada, how to overcome values differences, gender expectation disconnects and what to do when you face discrimination at work.

Section G: Formalities and expectations of rewards

  • Workplace relationships and expectations of reward in Canada
  • Privileges and favoritism comparisons between countries
  • Workplace relationships incidents
  • Testing job advice from your own and other cultural communities

Section H: Sensitive issues: gender expectations and religious differences

  • Gender barriers at work
  • Gender norms, cultural influence and work in Canada
  • Gender role adjustment in immigrant families
  • Gender role difference country comparisons
  • Religion in the workplace
  • Religion in the workplace country comparison and incidents

Section I: Mistakes at work, conflict resolution and dealing with discrimination

  • Dealing with discrimination at work
  • Guide to employment discrimination law in Canada
  • Mistakes at work: Dealing effectively with small mistakes
  • Big mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Using Canadian speech “softeners”
  • Workplace conflict resolution
  • Culture and conflict management styles
  • Conflict incident
  • You are serious about understanding the Canadian workplace and getting good at making it work for you
  • You want to gain insights into the entire job search process from the beginning right through to career shifts and promotions
  • You have been making career mistakes and want a way out
  • You are new to Canada and need an edge with the certificate in workplace intercultural competency, Canadian version
  • The hidden job market in Canada is really starting to frustrate you
  • Your career is in transition and you aren’t sure what direction to take
  • You work with a diverse workforce and want to be more effective
  • You manage a diverse workforce and need some insights into how other people think and feel
  • You are sure you already know about other people’s cultures
  • You are really good at integrating and welcoming people to the workplace no matter where they are from
  • You can explain all the ins and outs of Canadian workplace culture
  • You know where the hidden job markets are and can easily access them
  • Nobody at your workplace is from a culture you are unfamiliar with
  • You don’t want to know how other people think or how they experience work and life
  • You don’t need to know about career development at this stage in your life

How will this course benefit you?

  • Learn how to think like an employer
  • Become a more mindful employee or manager
  • Understand how culture affects all aspects of work
  • Feel more in control of your workplace relationships with diverse employees
  • Increase sensitivity and empathy towards others
  • Learn how to ask the right questions to get to your work results
  • Find work in your field
  • Understand the hidden job market and how to access it
  • Know how to develop your career for the long term
  • Avoid career sabotaging mistakes
  • Increase your communication skills with people who are not like you

What you will get:

  • Three modules with videos, questions, self-reflection exercises and quizzes
  • Three group coaching sessions you can sign up for when it suits your schedule
  • A final exam resulting in a certificate in Intercultural Competency in the Workplace; Canadian Version
  • Confidence, calm and new strategies for finding work and keeping it
  • Access to the Canadian Workplace closed Facebook community to exchange ideas and build your network
  • Three bonus webinars for using social media to find work
  • Ongoing instructor support for three months after registration
  • Lifetime access to the course and course videos

Time: 25 hours online course and 3 online group coaching sessions
Cost: $295.00

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What Others Say

"From this course I better understand the many cultural factors impacting internationally trained job seekers looking for work in Canada. I liked the balanced view of both employer perspectives with job seeker perspectives throughout the course, the real examples and the thought provoking videos. It is always an issue to deal with intercultural misunderstandings in the workplace, but I feel better equipped to solve them after taking this course. I recommend this user-friendly practical course to anyone looking for work in their field in Canada."

Ben Sabet
Course participant Work and Culture Online