Can you remember the 3 key questions you can use to balance challenge with encouragement?

Getting your team headed in the same direction without prods and threats isn’t as difficult as you might think. By engaging your group to come up with the ideas that will bring your team to the next level, you help others take ownership on what’s happening (or not happening) to hold you all back.

Check out the 3 questions you need to use to get your team to decide what needs to change and how they are going to do it:

  • “What behaviour would everyone on our team need to do in order for our team to meet the next level of excellence?”
  • “What would I need to do personally to make this happen on the team?”
  • “If an outsider were to watch our team, what would be the signs that we have mastered this behaviour?”

“It’s amazing what necessity will do to give us a creative edge.”

Marie Gervais

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